Educational activities:

  • Curriculum – we work in accordance with core curriculum and pursue the curriculum called “A good start for a pre-school child” by Monika Rościszewska – Woźniak
  • English – every day we play and learn English, which is spoken by the teacher and the language instructor, Mrs Agata Kler

Working methods:

  • Mathematics according to professor Gruszczyk – Kolczyńska
  • Relaxation and drama techniques
  • Elements of music therapy
  • The Method of a Good Start by professor M. Bogdanowicz.
  • Elements of pedagogy by Maria Montessori.
  • Creative gymnastics methods by R. Laban, K. Orff, A.M. Kniess
  • Developmental Movement Method by Veronica Sherborne,
  • Pedagogy of play – Klanza.