Kindergarten „Clever Kids”

The motto of our kindergarten says:

We love children not because they are children, but for love accompanying their upbringing.

Gabriel García Márquez

Our kindergarten cooperates with the Academy of J.A. Komeński, which is specialized in education of children at pre-school age.

The foundation emphasizes the importance of early education for children’s school and life careers. It helps, among others, to create the communal educational policy – to plan the development of education of small children in the commune and to build the strategy of involving the inhabitants in education.

As regards cooperating institutions, the foundation organizes for them numerous trainings for pedagogical staff, which prepare to develop creativity of small children, to support their self-confidence and encourage self-reliance.

Kindergarten Clever Kids was found in 2008. It is opened from 6.30 am to 6 pm every day. Childern have constant contact with English language via plays and educational activities wchich are prepared „for small children”.

OFFER OF OUR KINDERGARTEN has been extended to CLASSES WITH SPANISH conducted by NativeSpeaker !!!